Using SSH as a mini-VPN

Sometimes you need a way to get in to a system that is not accessible publicly, and for whatever reason, you can’t use a full VPN. This is a good time for the connectivity Swiss-Army-Knife, and your best friend, ssh and, if available, its companion autossh. And for you Windows people, I mean ssh, not … Read more

Blocking pizzaseo querying clients

While I was updating some settings with my bind server on Ubuntu 20, I noticed a lot of queries for “”, which appears to be some kind of marketing company trying to scrape for data. On reading out in forums about it, apparently they’re looking for vulnerable pi-hole servers that are exposed to the internet. … Read more

Sending a stream to multiple outputs

I was looking for a way to compare compression ratios with different algorithms, and didn’t want to have to run them in serial. So I started digging and found a nice bash syntax that allows you to do just that. And just for fun, it calculates the sha checksum as well. curl -s | … Read more