Firefox vs. Ubuntu Snap

As anyone who has upgraded to Ubuntu 22+ will know, they have deprecated and removed the traditional firefox package, and only the snap version is available and supported. And this is fine for anyone running the desktop. But for those of us who use the server version of Ubuntu, and often need to use a … Read more

Setting up OATH 2FA Authentication on Linux

It seems like everywhere you log in these days wants you to use some kind of 2 factor (multi-factor) authentication. The most common one you will have likely seen is the OATH time based code generation where you use an authenticator app to generate codes that cycle every 30 seconds. Well, it turns out you … Read more

Blocking pizzaseo querying clients

While I was updating some settings with my bind server on Ubuntu 20, I noticed a lot of queries for “”, which appears to be some kind of marketing company trying to scrape for data. On reading out in forums about it, apparently they’re looking for vulnerable pi-hole servers that are exposed to the internet. … Read more