Fixing Black/Reversed X11 Windows on Mouse Movement on M1/M2 Macs

For some strange reason, with the new ARM based Macs with X11 xquartz from either the official download, or from Mac Ports, when a remote java (of course it’s a problem with java), when the mouse moves, the colors of the window(s) will invert, making them very difficult to see/read. Fortunately, there is a simple … Read more

NFS Exports on MacOS

If you have tried to export a filesystem from your Mac to be used on another host, you might have had problems getting it to connect. The problem turns out to be simple, though the errors are… obtuse. For me, when I set up a share in /etc/exports, and tried to mount it from a … Read more

Bulk Refreshing Data in Apple Music

Sometimes I use external programs to update my Music files; specifically, I like using MusicBrainz Picard to add extra information. Once you change the info externally, you need to tell Music to re-read the file and update. You can always “Get Info” on each file individually, if you only have a few files to refresh. … Read more

Fixing Incorrect Types in Apple Music

Recently, I’ve been going through my Music collection and doing cleanup. I’ve been using iTunes and now the hot mess of Apple Music since the very beginning. Throughout the years, various tracks have randomly disappeared, or gotten corrupted in some way. I’m not entirely sure why, though I think it might have something to do … Read more