Fixing MacOS Cloud Sync

Sometimes, especially with Monterey, I have had iCloud file syncing hang where it shows there are files that need to be uploaded, but for whatever reason it stops uploading the files; sometimes for a couple of hours, sometimes completely. And, of course it will do this when I have other projects open I don’t want … Read more

Quick Way to Verify a MacOS Application Integrity

If you ever have an app that seems to be having problems launching, you can quickly check the integrity with the spctl command: spctl –assess -vv /Applications/<Application>.app As an example, if I wanted to check the integrity of Handbrake (a kick-ass video encoder), the command would be: spctl –assess -vv /Applications/ The output you should … Read more

Per Domain DNS Servers in MacOS

MacOS has a nice facility as part of its DNS resolver that allows you to have a per-domain set of DNS servers. This is especially useful when using VPN services where you still need to use your local resolvers as well as the remote resolvers. Unfortunately, there is nowhere in the GUI to do this, … Read more

Fixing Quicklook Without Rebooting

Unfortunately, since the last OS update for the Mac (Monterey), QuickLook has become especially unstable, especially on my M1 Mac Mini. It doesn’t cause crashes or anything, it simply stops working; especially with video files. However there is a simple solution to the problem. From the Terminal, just run the command (you do not need … Read more

Setting up Blink SSH on iOS for vt220

I recently discovered the Blink SSH client for iOS, and am loving it. It finally makes the iPad actually useful as a mobile ssh workstation in an understated elegant way. However, I really don’t care for most of the popular fonts that are used by newer terminal applications. I am proudly old school, and decided … Read more

To Uninstall MacOS Packages

For some bizarre reason, the package management tools for MacOS do not have an option to uninstall in any easy way. However, if you drop into the Terminal, you can do all the steps by hand relatively easily. There is a command called pkgutil that will give you the information you need. To list all … Read more