Keeping REDIS RAM Under Control

Redis is a wonderful tool, but (by design) it hoovers up all the RAM, and even dips into swap space on a linux host. In fact, the official documentation recommends that you disable swap entirely on the host. But in the real world, that is not always an option. Sometimes, depending on your application design, … Read more

Homekit vs. AppleTV

After years and multiple major releases of tvOS of troubleshooting my Wifi network, and Homekit devices, and increasing the size of the dent in my forehead, I finally figured out why my Homekit environment was so unstable. It turns out if you have an AppleTV (running 16.6 or prior as of this writing) as the … Read more

Asus RoG Ally Useful Info

This is just a quick page where I am collecting various bits of info available on Asus’ page, and other forums. Remember, this is a portable device running Windows. It is not going to be easy or pretty, but it can be made into something useful. The easiest thing to make it Steam Deck like … Read more