To Uninstall MacOS Packages

For some bizarre reason, the package management tools for MacOS do not have an option to uninstall in any easy way. However, if you drop into the Terminal, you can do all the steps by hand relatively easily. There is a command called pkgutil that will give you the information you need. To list all … Read more

Settings for SAMBA Shares to Play Nicely with MacOS

Add the following to the global section: min protocol = SMB2 ea support = yes vfs objects = fruit streams_xattr acl_xattr fruit:appl = yes fruit:metadata = stream fruit:model = MacSamba fruit:veto_appledouble = no fruit:posix_rename = yes fruit:zero_file_id = yes fruit:wipe_intentionally_left_blank_rfork = yes fruit:delete_empty_adfiles = yes fruit:locking = netatalk In the individual shares if you want … Read more