Managing the UDM Pro’s OS via Command Line

Doing it this way allows you to restart the UDM Pro’s “brain” without having it reset all your network connections. It is not uncommon for the UDM to lose its interface while still passing traffic properly. It is still very much a beta (alpha?) product.

Start by logging in via ssh:

ssh root@unifi.tek

Don’t forget that the login is always root. This assumes you’ve already set up a password.

The command for managing the UDM Pro’s Operating System is: unifi-os

So, to restart the OS of the UDM Pro, the command would be

unifi-os restart

You can also get a shell within the UDM’s OS via

unifi-os shell

According to its (brief) help message, the following commands are available:

Usage: /usr/sbin/unifi-os [stop start restart shell 'update url']

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